Kaleidoscope of Residents – Past & Present

Collington has had the good fortune to be the home of many outstanding citizens, with many of them entitled to belong to the category of what has been called by Professor Mashaw  of Yale Law School, “unsung  heroes of American governance.”  Four who come immediately to mind, without selective judgment, are Admiral Bill Crowe, Elliot Richardson, Senator Chuck Percy and Robert Ball.  Each of them, as Kipling put it, walked with kings, but did not lose the common touch, exemplified in their fondness for small parties with fellow residents in their own homes or in those of other residents. (https://collingtonresidents.org/category/residents/page/6/)

  • Professors: Columbia, Duke, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS in Washington DC, North Florida State University, Old Dominion University, Princeton, State University of New York at New Paltz, and Vassar among others.
  • Engineers of all sorts.
  • Many teachers including at least 9 math teachers (all women).
  • Many ministers: Baptist, Episcopal, Methodists and Presbyterians among others.
  • Two former ambassadors: One was the first female Ambassador as well as first Ambassador to Papua New Guinea.  The other was Ambassador to Bulgaria.
  • Several musicians including a concert pianist.
  • Lawyers of all types.
  • Several architects: One of whom developed Reston, Maryland, the Myriad Gardens in Oklahoma City the Navy Memorial in downtown Washington DC.
  • Many librarians
  • Several Peace Corps Volunteers.
  • Many medical doctors: One of whom died at Collington recently, was greatly revered by women from all over the world as the developer of the “pill”.  Men revered him also – no more condoms.
  • Living here now if the first female Admiral to command a fleet.
  • Many foreign-service officers.
  • At least one Code Breaker.
  • CIA officers. While never admitting it, one resident before his death, told wonderful stories about his exploits in Ethiopia.  A new resident came here with her Maserati and worked as a geographer in the Middle East.