The Reverend John Evans

The Reverend John Evans

A Recollection

by Joe Howard


My wife, Pat, and I moved to Collington in June 2012.  Before I met John, I met his wife Rickie (I believe her name was Mary).  Rickie had been playing the piano every other Tuesday for Episcopal services – sharing with Carol Kempske.  She wanted to retire and ask if I would replace her.  I agreed.  She attended all services and never failed to thank and compliment me when I played.

Many priests rotated between Tuesday services.  Throughout the years, I often tuned out the sermons as being dull and too long.  This was different when, in rotation, John preached, his sermons were short and very interesting.   Also, he was a favorite with the assisted living residents in the Creighton Center.

My first Christmas at Collington (2012), I was the new chair of the Hospitality Committee.  I thought that there should be a Christmas Eve program in the Chapel for residents who would not be leaving the campus.

The program would be “A Child’s Christmas in Wales”, a CD of the reading by Dylan Thomas.  Pat and I had prepared a booklet containing the complete text.  I asked John if he would give an invocation.  He agreed and with the ever-present twinkle in his eyes, he gave the prayer in Welsh!  I didn’t know whether I should applaud or let it go unnoticed.

At his 100th birthday party, I was able to recount this story. I finally gave him the applause that he deserved.  He was pleased!

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